Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Know the difference between strong and show.

Now some of you might be a bit confused by the title while some of you already know where this is going. I am, indeed, talking about muscles.

I am choosing to discuss this because while talking to someone my book and the some of the changes I made they pointed out that while I point out that Patrick was a physically strong and fit man in life(a crusader) I don't mention how defined he is, or rather I point out he isn't that defined save from some in his arms and legs.

It then occurred to me most people don't even understand that most men with those kind of muscles are some of the weakest men you will meet. We, thanks to the media, believe highly defined muscles mean strength.  Which isn't  true.  If you have ever watched a strong man competition or MMA fighting things like that, or oil wrestling, most those men are thick like mountains, but they don't have ripped abs or anything like that.

Why? Simply put, they are not starving their muscles to get that oh so popular tone and defined look.  They are actually strong and have muscles worth bragging about; they are healthy.  Which something most people don't know, those defined muscles are often the result of starving and weakening the muscles.  Thus meaning despite their appearance, their punches wouldn't hurt like you think, unless someone actually showed them how to fight.

Something to keep in mind when you want to have an actual strong character in your story.  They don't have to be ripped, they have just strong like a mountain and just as thick as one.

It's these little things that annoy me about other writers.  Again and as always a little research goes a long way.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Supernatural romance shouldn't be all roses and love triangles.

Now keep in mind this is an opinion, a rather strong one.  But I hate how almost every supernatural romance I am asked to read shares the same basic setup as your typical romance novel that doesn't have a single supernatural element in it.

It's so bad it gets to the point you can easily forget that the supernatural lead (almost always a male mind you) can easily be subbed in for a human and nothing about the story would change.  That's how little the supernatural element really is in these stories.

None of these authors bother to dig into how perverse some of these joinings could be.  Or how they walk the fine lines of actual love, lust and obsession. How dark and dangerous it would actually be.  They do venture to the meat of the relationship instead they throw another supernatural creature into the mix for a love triangle. 

The fact that human is falling in love with something that is normally considered a monster should be the heart of the story.  In truth them having feelings for said monster character speaks in volumes about the characters sanity or lack there of.  How deprived they might even be. When someone loves someone that kills and might even eat people for a living, they are not completely okay in the head.  Loving those kind of people doesn't make them understanding.

However, that would mean the main supernatural character would have to act like they are supposed to even a little bit. Like a vampire actually feeding on people and not deer.  A demon still wanting to give into his urges and doing so.

Supernatural Romance should be what Dark Fantasy is to Fantasy.  I am not saying you shouldn't have a happy ending or a silver lining, but for fuck sake make those characters work for it other than some boring ass love triangle nonsense.  Show us the readers that a monster might merit being loved. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

This song really reminds me of Patrick so I wanted to share it.

There is something about this song that is just Patrick, I can't explain it.

Also I am going to post a ficlet about the jaded vampire having some sexy times.  A friend of mine mentioned she wanted to read something where the vampire gets some.  I finally have an idea in my head for it that isn't breaking his character.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am going to try my hand at first person and romance. This might kill me.

The valkyrie sat next to me in the tree tops.  Her gaze transfixed on me; while mine was on the ground below.  No words were spoken between us.  There was no need.  This was how things simply were.  It was in our nature to seek each other out and try to destroy one another.  She had found me and there was little more to it.  However, this day was special, a day I had looked forward to for the last fourteen years of my long life.
“Can this wait?  Today is a special day.” I said softly, my eyes not wavering. 
I felt her gaze and sensed her confusion.  That I, a child of the dark, would make such a request; that I chose to speak and not try and rip her throat out.
“Oh?”  Her voice rung of justice even when not speaking of it. 
Something I have always admired about them.  If there were beings who sought justice, it was the valkyrie.
“Someone is coming to visit me.  If this is to be my last day, I would like to see her before I go.” I replied almost musing.
I hear the rustling of leaves under foot, “She is near.  Don’t worry it won’t be long.”
“So who is this being that has ‘The Demon of Backmuir Wood’ so passive?” The amount of curiosity in the valkyrie’s tone amused me a little.
Was it so strange, that something like me could be passive?  To be calm and not raging like a thundering sea in a storm?

There is a small bit of time before she arrived, maybe I could entertain my guest with a story?  Tell her the tale that has given me the smallest of hope.  Perhaps, she would leave and let me see one more year?

So what do you all think of this teaser? Hmm?  Let's see if I can't tackle two monsters at once.

Monday, September 9, 2013

World of Warcraft ficlet.

I'll never be what you wanted me to be:

"I was supposed to something more than a brute. I was to be a force of nature.

Something I will never be.

I was supposed to go to war with fang and claw, not with blade.

Something I will never learn.

I was to be your pride and legacy. What I became was a shadow that will never compare.

Something I will never be.

I wear the tattoos of a promise lost. A reminder I will never be what you wanted me to be.”

The orc stood ever motionless as he listened the elf’s lament to the stars. Grim would say he would call the Night Elf a friend, but she earned a large degree of respect from him. She often peeked more questions than she offered answers. Though, he was sure he did the same to her.

"I was supposed to be a shaman." Grim said casually as he took a seat next to her.

He wasn’t looking at her face but he could feel the shock of him sharing something so personal radiating from her.

"What happened?" Amondra asked; her eyes still to the stars.

"Power is a tempting mistress and weakness isn’t something the Dragonmaw tolerate." Grim answered.

"I don’t think I have met a shaman who I found to weak." the elf countered.

The orc chuckled, “True, but I was young and blind.”

Amondra merely gave the ‘I know that all too well’ nod. Silence fell between the two. Grim remembered when their silent moments were awkward and full of the unspoken question of ‘why am I not attacking you?’. Now it was filled with the wonder if they could trust each other.

"I was supposed to be a druid of the fang." Amondra finally said.

Grim raised an eyebrow, “Oh? I didn’t know you had any magical ability. You seem the rough and tumble type.”

The night elf let out a boisterous laugh, “Oh no, I have none. My parents thought I would though. 
Both of them were druids, so it only made sense right? No power ever woken in me.”

"You still became a capable warrior! I didn’t think anyone other than an orc could swing weapons around like you do. You are a sight to behold on the battlefield." Grim offered.

"But still not a druid, not what the markings upon my face say I should be." Armonda countered.

"You feel you have failed your parents?"

"I know I have and they will never forgive me."

The orc stood and offered his hand, “Well I forgive you for being an elf, so if I can overlook that for now, your parents should be able to see you make grown men run like children when you unleash your battle cry and charge into the fray.” 

Amondra took his hand and allowed him to help her up, “You have no idea how family works in my culture.”

Grim snorted, “Nor do you know how mine works elf.”


It just popped into my head. I know I owe Tyler a few stories, but I just needed to write this. My boyfriend’s orc Warlock Grimblood and my night elf warrior Amondra.

I have a few ficlets of their adventures with their other friend Lim, an forsaken shadow priest.

While my warrior is an orc now, Amondra(now Aestus) was a night elf for five plus years and I continue to write her as such.

Also I just needed to write something not the end of my book.

Oh here is a picture of Grim and Amondra:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This quote pissed me off so much I had to take a shot of whiskey.

"I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be."- Stephenie Meyer on Twilight.  I read that and I raged at my computer screen for like ten minutes straight. 

I don't like Twilight, or anything Meyer, but for fuck sake that was one of the biggest slaps to the face someone can do to their fans.

I get wanting to move on, that's all fine and dandy there, but to say something so cold about the series that made your rich and basically it's fans is just... I don't even. 

Also how the fuck is it not a happy place? Because not everyone liked it?  Woman, when Anne Rice first got published a lot of people didn't like her take on vampires.  Shit, Interview with the Vampire was technically a failure.  Does she still talk about those characters from her Vampire Chronicles? Always.  Is she grateful for everything it did end up giving her? Yep.  Those books hold a special place in her heart because she is a real writer.

Also Meyer went on to say that people read books and the characters leave them after...
Has this woman read anything outside of the bible?  Characters from books and movies we love never leave us! We fall in love with them and they take up living space in our hearts.  They are what get some of us through the darkest of times.  How dare she!  

She doesn't even know what power books have on people.  The joy and the pain they bring.

I swear by every god and their mother if Ashes has any success and I get stark reactions like Twilight did I will never say something so cold to my fans, ever!

Oh a happier note maybe? This song really makes me think of Patrick.  I don't know why, but I have been listening to it all through the latest chapter:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ashes of the Dawn arts!

Pictures people have drawn for me for my book:

Patrick and Cyrus done by this talented woman: here
Anime Patrick!
Patrick Comic style?

I love this picture! Also Pat again. He likes vests, can't you tell?

Aria! A lot of artist like the anime look I have noticed.
Patrick and Cyrus getting read to go to work on something. 
Aria and Pat.  I really think Aria looks cute in this one. 

A scene I can't get out of my head.

So I keep having this scene with Patrick play in my head and I have no idea where it came from, it doesn't belong in the book anywhere and it is sort of out of character for him.  Almost like what if he was more like Dracul? Anyhow here it is:

Goodnight Kiss:
The fog stood out against the dark contrast of the dark blue that surrounded you; only the silver moon guided your path. Why you decided to be out on a night like this could be for any number of reasons perhaps it was the depression kicking in that you haven't found a job yet and rent was due at the end of the month.  Or it had to do with your boyfriend leaving you again for the third time; maybe this time you will learn your lesson.

Something starts to swirl in front of you.  It isn't just dark, it is the purest of black that not even the moon breaks it.  You watch as it grows in height; fear starting seep into your mind like water trickle down the cracks of street.  Did you just see what you think you saw? A face with eyes that reflected light flash from within the black mass.

You try to run but you can't something stops you; it's like you're paralyzed. You try to rationalize it's the fear, because you can't see the black tendrils holding you in place.  A man with sickly pale skin steps out from the fog.  His ginger hair pulled back into a ponytail; while his steel eyes pierce through you like a sharpened blade. The smile he wears is unnerving and sends chills down your spine. He moves toward you casually; his eyes never leaving you.

When he reaches you he cups one side of your face in his hand.  He so cold comparing his touch to winter would be an understatement. As he leans in closer you swear you see fangs in his sinful grin.  You feel his lips trace your neckline before there is small pain like something is pinching the skin on your neck.  Your heart pounds and your mind runs wild. But as quick as it all speeds up and starts to fade, like a slow motion jenga, everything starts to fall away. You start feeling colder and more at ease; thoughts become muddled and your stilling heart sounds like a lulling song. You feel yourself start to slip into the deepest of sleeps and the last real thought you have is how nice it was of this man to kiss you goodnight.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Your first drafts need to be the most fucking perfect thing you have ever written.

Do you post your stories on sites like Wattpad or Fictionpress in hopes of getting feedback?  Out of those of you that do how many of you get comments like this? "I found a lot errors, you should edit before you post." or "You should get an editor when you finish there were a ton of errors."
No shit?  The great thing about the digital age is it's easier for artists to get their work out there; to get feedback and help.  Something writers in times gone by couldn't. The problem?  People seem to think you are posting these finished immaculate stories for their viewing pleasure.  So in other words, you put in all the hard work of a working writer but getting any of the benefits because you are posting it on the site out of the kindness of your heart.

Yeah that's right, they expect you to post publish worthy quality for them to read for free!  They seem to forget the whole point of the site is for you to read it and give feedback.  Not for them to get free fucking books.

Now you might be thinking, "But Melissa them pointing out your errors is feedback."

No, it isn't.  That's treating your work like they are grading it. Seriously, writers at the first stage of writing care more about characters, plot and overall flow of the story.  Once editing starts that's when they care about spelling and grammar, because at that point it does matter.  For people who want to be published the editing works a little like this: Edit yourself, then you get professional to edit it.

You know, someone you pay to fix your shit.  Sure on those sites you can get an 'editor' or a 'beta'.  The problem? Most are not reliable or that savvy on spelling and grammar.  Worse half don't even know how to help you fix character problems like severe personality switches or plot flow.  So yeah your story might look good enough to get by the common rabble but that's it.

It makes me think that these sites have just lost their meaning.  They are just places for teenagers to feel popular and people to try and sound smart while getting free books.

I am not going to share the final clean cut edit on the sites I am on, are you fucking mad?  I want the story published!  I am not going to post the finished product on a site so you can read it for free and I get nothing for the money and time I spent on it. No, you are out your damn mind!

So do we go back to giving our work to our friends and family and hope they will give us honest feedback or do we continue to try and wade through the cesspool of these sites?

While you think on that remember kids to whistle while you work it:

Oh and these words of wisdom:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Myth: It only takes a few months to write a novel.

When I mention I am working on a book and someone is like, "Oh so you will be done in a few months."  I am just like
Seriously? A few months? I don't know where this idea/mentality came from but it needs to go the fuck away and quick like. Sure you can possibly finish one in a few months, it will just look like your cat crapped it out.  You can't really think you can write something that quickly and expect it to be the next LotR or Harry Potter series, let alone actually decent enough for publishing.

Writing any novel worth it's salt is a long and painful journey that often is nourished by your tears.  There is also the sheer amount of frustration from both characters and scenes just not wanting to go how you wanted.  If you are not on the verge of tears you are close to just saying "fuck all!"

If you are thinking if you plan your shit out from the get go this won't happen, you are lying to yourself and the universe at large. Even with this complex outline that would make a spider jealous this happens.  Why?  Because you are not perfect, because your characters are not perfect(well at least they better not be) so at some point you diverged from your characters personality just enough that this one scene no longer works.  Or the scene worked in theory but turns out that's it.

So you managed to get passed all that and the occasional writers block? Yay!  You are still not done.  Now you need to self edit and find an actual editor who is going to cost money.  Guess what? Those are expensive running on the low end of fifteen dollars an hour spent on your manuscript.  Now guess what?  This isn't going to be a one time deal here, after the do an initial edit you go in and change what you want and make your own changes based on what they edited and then, thats right, they have to edit it again.  This could go on for months!

Now that is out of the way time to send off to publishing houses to be looked at, this is assuming you are skipping the part where you should get an agent. Each firm can take up to six months to get back to you and more than likely tell you no.  So you have to keep sending it out to the limited publishing houses you have access to or get a damn agent.

So you want an agent now.  Well you need the right one for you.  You just can't pick one at random and hope for the best your book will never sell.  You need an agent who likes the genre you are writing in who will understand your targeted audience and send your manuscript to the right publishing houses. So this hunt can take up to months as well.

But you have one now, and you will still face rejection left and right, but now you have more options and eventually someone says yes.  Now it's going through all the paperwork and rights stuff to make sure you don't get fucked over and the publishing house doesn't as well.

Finally after all that your book goes to print.

So easy right?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That awkward first post.

So what should my first ramble be all about?  I guess I could use this to prepare you for what is to come?  Yeah, that sounds good.

Well, let's see, there will be a ton of spelling errors and grammar issues as my keyboard randomly shorts out and I am dysgraphic. I should get that out there now.  I also like to swear, you have been warned.

This blog will be about my writing and others' writing.  How much things piss me off about writing.  My opinion on things involving writing, which kind of goes hand in hand with things that piss me off about writing.

I will also blog about gaming, this is not limited to but mostly about Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Rift, and maybe Dragon Age.  This could be from opinions on something to ficlets of my characters( I know everything relates back to writing.)

There might be the occasional rant about something unrelated to the topics above, like the Social Justice Media.  Prepare for that to get offensive.  I have strong opinions and since this is my blog and you don't have to read it I will not be sweet about it. 

I might also spam screenshots of my Skyrim gaming because I am cool like that. It will look something like this:
Looks nice doesn't it? 

Or pictures of my characters from my games like so:

Does she look badass?  Or characters from my stories like thus:
Hi Patrick.

Oh, that reminds me I should tell you all the book I am focusing on finishing and getting ready for the publishing world!

That would be "Ashes of the Dawn", a vampire novel.  Now don't go running away! I promise it isn't a romance and everyone is over the age of twenty-one.  Shit, the youngest among the characters is Aria and she is twenty-five.   So don't freak out!

Patrick is the main character, and the vampire.  I will do a separate post regarding the book in more detail.

Other original works I work on from time to time are:
Heart of Courage.
Anvil Heart.
What Makes a Demon's Soul? (Formally A Demon's Heart.  I am shitty with romance titles.)
Poems of a Broken Mind.

Well I guess that is it for now.  I will say I covered everything and immediately think of something I missed after I post this. That's how it always happens.