Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ashes of the Dawn arts!

Pictures people have drawn for me for my book:

Patrick and Cyrus done by this talented woman: here
Anime Patrick!
Patrick Comic style?

I love this picture! Also Pat again. He likes vests, can't you tell?

Aria! A lot of artist like the anime look I have noticed.
Patrick and Cyrus getting read to go to work on something. 
Aria and Pat.  I really think Aria looks cute in this one. 


  1. Wow these are amazing. Who did all of these? I want them to do my characters! lol. I can draw but not like THAT. I'm so out of practice it's making me want to get my drawing pad out now! So bloody good, these people deserve medals. And so do you for finding them.

  2. Various people, I have a link to the Tumblr blog of the artist who did the top two of Patrick and Cyrus up there.

    I can't draw for shit. Dysgraphia makes sure that drawing and sports is something you will never do, and if it is bad enough writing.