Thursday, August 8, 2013

A scene I can't get out of my head.

So I keep having this scene with Patrick play in my head and I have no idea where it came from, it doesn't belong in the book anywhere and it is sort of out of character for him.  Almost like what if he was more like Dracul? Anyhow here it is:

Goodnight Kiss:
The fog stood out against the dark contrast of the dark blue that surrounded you; only the silver moon guided your path. Why you decided to be out on a night like this could be for any number of reasons perhaps it was the depression kicking in that you haven't found a job yet and rent was due at the end of the month.  Or it had to do with your boyfriend leaving you again for the third time; maybe this time you will learn your lesson.

Something starts to swirl in front of you.  It isn't just dark, it is the purest of black that not even the moon breaks it.  You watch as it grows in height; fear starting seep into your mind like water trickle down the cracks of street.  Did you just see what you think you saw? A face with eyes that reflected light flash from within the black mass.

You try to run but you can't something stops you; it's like you're paralyzed. You try to rationalize it's the fear, because you can't see the black tendrils holding you in place.  A man with sickly pale skin steps out from the fog.  His ginger hair pulled back into a ponytail; while his steel eyes pierce through you like a sharpened blade. The smile he wears is unnerving and sends chills down your spine. He moves toward you casually; his eyes never leaving you.

When he reaches you he cups one side of your face in his hand.  He so cold comparing his touch to winter would be an understatement. As he leans in closer you swear you see fangs in his sinful grin.  You feel his lips trace your neckline before there is small pain like something is pinching the skin on your neck.  Your heart pounds and your mind runs wild. But as quick as it all speeds up and starts to fade, like a slow motion jenga, everything starts to fall away. You start feeling colder and more at ease; thoughts become muddled and your stilling heart sounds like a lulling song. You feel yourself start to slip into the deepest of sleeps and the last real thought you have is how nice it was of this man to kiss you goodnight.

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