Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am going to try my hand at first person and romance. This might kill me.

The valkyrie sat next to me in the tree tops.  Her gaze transfixed on me; while mine was on the ground below.  No words were spoken between us.  There was no need.  This was how things simply were.  It was in our nature to seek each other out and try to destroy one another.  She had found me and there was little more to it.  However, this day was special, a day I had looked forward to for the last fourteen years of my long life.
“Can this wait?  Today is a special day.” I said softly, my eyes not wavering. 
I felt her gaze and sensed her confusion.  That I, a child of the dark, would make such a request; that I chose to speak and not try and rip her throat out.
“Oh?”  Her voice rung of justice even when not speaking of it. 
Something I have always admired about them.  If there were beings who sought justice, it was the valkyrie.
“Someone is coming to visit me.  If this is to be my last day, I would like to see her before I go.” I replied almost musing.
I hear the rustling of leaves under foot, “She is near.  Don’t worry it won’t be long.”
“So who is this being that has ‘The Demon of Backmuir Wood’ so passive?” The amount of curiosity in the valkyrie’s tone amused me a little.
Was it so strange, that something like me could be passive?  To be calm and not raging like a thundering sea in a storm?

There is a small bit of time before she arrived, maybe I could entertain my guest with a story?  Tell her the tale that has given me the smallest of hope.  Perhaps, she would leave and let me see one more year?

So what do you all think of this teaser? Hmm?  Let's see if I can't tackle two monsters at once.

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