Monday, September 9, 2013

World of Warcraft ficlet.

I'll never be what you wanted me to be:

"I was supposed to something more than a brute. I was to be a force of nature.

Something I will never be.

I was supposed to go to war with fang and claw, not with blade.

Something I will never learn.

I was to be your pride and legacy. What I became was a shadow that will never compare.

Something I will never be.

I wear the tattoos of a promise lost. A reminder I will never be what you wanted me to be.”

The orc stood ever motionless as he listened the elf’s lament to the stars. Grim would say he would call the Night Elf a friend, but she earned a large degree of respect from him. She often peeked more questions than she offered answers. Though, he was sure he did the same to her.

"I was supposed to be a shaman." Grim said casually as he took a seat next to her.

He wasn’t looking at her face but he could feel the shock of him sharing something so personal radiating from her.

"What happened?" Amondra asked; her eyes still to the stars.

"Power is a tempting mistress and weakness isn’t something the Dragonmaw tolerate." Grim answered.

"I don’t think I have met a shaman who I found to weak." the elf countered.

The orc chuckled, “True, but I was young and blind.”

Amondra merely gave the ‘I know that all too well’ nod. Silence fell between the two. Grim remembered when their silent moments were awkward and full of the unspoken question of ‘why am I not attacking you?’. Now it was filled with the wonder if they could trust each other.

"I was supposed to be a druid of the fang." Amondra finally said.

Grim raised an eyebrow, “Oh? I didn’t know you had any magical ability. You seem the rough and tumble type.”

The night elf let out a boisterous laugh, “Oh no, I have none. My parents thought I would though. 
Both of them were druids, so it only made sense right? No power ever woken in me.”

"You still became a capable warrior! I didn’t think anyone other than an orc could swing weapons around like you do. You are a sight to behold on the battlefield." Grim offered.

"But still not a druid, not what the markings upon my face say I should be." Armonda countered.

"You feel you have failed your parents?"

"I know I have and they will never forgive me."

The orc stood and offered his hand, “Well I forgive you for being an elf, so if I can overlook that for now, your parents should be able to see you make grown men run like children when you unleash your battle cry and charge into the fray.” 

Amondra took his hand and allowed him to help her up, “You have no idea how family works in my culture.”

Grim snorted, “Nor do you know how mine works elf.”


It just popped into my head. I know I owe Tyler a few stories, but I just needed to write this. My boyfriend’s orc Warlock Grimblood and my night elf warrior Amondra.

I have a few ficlets of their adventures with their other friend Lim, an forsaken shadow priest.

While my warrior is an orc now, Amondra(now Aestus) was a night elf for five plus years and I continue to write her as such.

Also I just needed to write something not the end of my book.

Oh here is a picture of Grim and Amondra:

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